Why I’d be voting against Theresa May’s so-called deal unlike Loughborough’s current MP

By the time you read this, the Government will in all likelihood have lost its vote in Parliament on Theresa May’s so-called deal to leave the EU.

“So-called” because it is not a deal all at all. It contains no legal guarantees about our future relationship with the EU and it stretches our constitution to breaking point through the creation of the bizarre Northern-Ireland backstop. It creates what has rightly been called a “blindfold Brexit” which adds to the uncertainty surrounding Brexit when it should seek to end it.

I was shocked to hear Loughborough’s current MP Nicky Morgan become one of the first MPs not on the Government payroll to support Theresa May’s Brexit “deal”. The reasoning seeming to be that whilst not ideal, it is the only deal in town and we need a deal. She provides no further positive case, nor does she explain how this satisfies her previously articulated desire for a customs union (remember her speech alongside Clegg and Miliband).

Labour has been clear for a long time that guarantees are required at this stage on a permanent customs union, labour and environmental standards, and access to the single market. Without that, people in our region will suffer from investment going abroad and their standard of living going down.

As your MP I would take every decision on the basis of what I think is in the best interests of Loughborough constituents. That is why I would have voted against this so-called deal. It will create many years of the same kind of uncertainty we have endured since 2016. Uncertainty that will hold back the talents and potential of the many outstanding people who live here.

As for next steps. This Government cannot win key votes therefore it cannot govern. That means a general election is needed to get a government who can govern and take us towards a relationship with Europe that gives us the certainty and market access we need.

It is my strong conviction that the EU will give us more time to negotiate. The desperate ploy to say it is this deal or no deal is bogus: and all, including Loughborough’s current MP, know it.

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