Labour are providing hope in 2018, through a government in waiting with policies that most voters agree with

Jeremy’s new year’s message chimes with conversations I had with voters throughout 2017.

Everyone agrees that inequality is out of control and deeply damaging.

Most voters want to take back control of key national infrastructure which is being exploited to swell dividends and board pay packets.

Particularly in places like Loughborough, voters feel massively let down by the mainly London-based establishment.

And, the comprehensive policies in our 2017 manifesto represent natural conclusions to these concerns. Roll on 2018.


The real life stories that reveal the sickening injustices of modern Britain and the world

I need not say a lot about these videos as they speak for themselves.  One about the disgraceful inequality and poverty in our country (my mother currently reading the Ragged Trouser Philanthropist remarked on the similarity over 100 years later), and the other about the international refugee crisis that shames the developed world.

I put them up here because I found both very affecting (one today and the other some months ago).  Far more so than any conventional policy or political speech.  They both represent modern day realities that are a shameful indictment of the national and international status quo.

I will only add that I was fortunate to have Frank Field MP (from the first video) at my graduation from Liverpool University in 2006.  He remarked then on how important his constituency surgeries were to shaping what he did in Parliament: this is a powerful depiction of how.